Resourceful Blossoming and Counseling Services

Five Reasons why my clients use Tele-Therapy:

  • Convenience ( no more having to drive to therapy). My clients have enjoyed finding a quiet space in their home, in which they experience increased ability to engage in our secure sessions. .
  • Privacy – My clients have appreciated knowing that sessions are provided over a HIPAA secured platform.
  • Efficiency – Clients have expressed appreciation of the organized structure that tele-therapy and CBT provides for both the time and financial investment.
  • Access to quality mental health services – It can be difficult to find a therapist, with whom you are comfortable with. My clients have expressed relief, in finally finding a clinician who (understands and relates).
  • Improved Well Being- Change can be hard for many of us. My clients have expressed positive adjustments, towards making small positive changes each day/week.

Individual Therapy

Teen Therapy

Christian Based Therapy

Individual Therapy

  • Coping with Racial, Sexual/Physical Trauma; Addressing cultural identity.
  • Resolving issues of trauma and abuse
  • Managing anxiety
  • Managing depression and other mood disorders
  • Managing stress
  • Fostering self-esteem and empowerment
  • Cultivating personal and spiritual growth
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Teen Therapy

  • Improving behavior problems and parent-child relationships
  • Improving healthy boundaries
  • manage social Isolation during the pandemic
  • Identify stressors/develop coping mechanisms
  • Emotional resilience
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Christian Based Counseling

For those seeking Christian-based therapy specifically because their primary concerns directly overlap with their faith. Such as:

  • Spiritual/ Trauma Counseling:
    • Resolving issues of trauma and abuse and restoration/ healing through scripture
    • Developing Spiritual Growth and Spiritual support related to feeling marginalized or ostracized.
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